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From 4.13 "Pictures of You"

Teacher: "Let's say that there are five universal terms to describe everyone in high school. Ok. Let's say Jock, Prom Queen, Geek, Loner, and..."

Teacher writes each one on the board as he says them.

Brooke: "Slut?"

Teacher nods and writes 'Friendly' on the board.

Teacher: "Ok, considering that awesome isn't a category, Shelly Simon describe Mouth in one word."

Shelly: "Uh. I don't really know him, but...nice, I guess."

Teacher: "Nice. Well, I assume we file nice under friendly, but since friendly doesn't mean friendly, that would make Mouth a slut. Pick one of the four other choices."

Shelly: "Geek, I guess."

Teacher: "Geek. Join the club, Mouth. Ok, Class? Nathan. Five choices."

The teacher points to each of them as to ask what they are seen as.

Whole Class: "Jock."

Teacher: "Lucas."

Whole Class: "Jock."

Teacher: "Brooke."

Whole Class: "Prom Queen."

Teacher: "Rachel."

Whole Class: "Friendly!"

Rachel: "Hey!"


Rachel was born on August 18, 1988. She is 5'7" and 19 years old. She's got long red brown hair which she occasionally dyes as well as some piercing brown eyes. She's in very good shape and works to keep her body fit. She usually wears jeans or a shorts along with high heels of some sort. Occasionally she'll wear a skirt when she wants some attention or a dress to a classy event. Her outfits are always form fitted and flattering as well as very fashionable. She isn't afraid to show her body with a short skirt or a cut tank top. She's also is a cheerleader so her uniform and sneakers are constantly worn as well.

She doesn't have too much jewelry. She has four piercings in her ears (two on each ear), a necklaces her mother gave her, and the occasional bracelets. She usually wears a pair of gold hoop earrings and tiny diamond stubs for her earrings.

Rachel comes into hearts_andminds and milliways_bar right after episode 4.14 "Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers"

Rachel Gatina is from the Television show "One Tree Hill" and doesn't belong to me at all, nor does the lovely Danneel Harris. This journal is for non-profit RP play. Both mun and muse are both over 18.